1. Context

Beauprêx AKA Jake Beauprez is a musician and creative based in Boulder, CO. Here’s a bit about him in his own words; “We live in a world plagued by hate, division, fear, and suffering, and I aim to be a valuable part in the shift towards a better world. I believe in universal, unconditional love as the solution to all of the problems we are facing right now, and my hope is to share that vision with the rest of the world.”

2. Goals

Jake had various goals for his website. Here’s a few in his own words:

  • “I wanted a creative website with a professional tone to showcase my different projects.”
  • “I was looking to create a cohesive experience for visitors to the website.”
  • “I wanted the website to have interesting textures, colors, and backgrounds throughout the site.”

3. Colors




For Jake’s color scheme we wanted to stay pretty neutral, however we did want to add some color. After talking with Jake and viewing many of the photos that he had sent us we realized that purple would be a good fit for him. Many of his photos had either a purple or blue tint to them and he had mentioned that he wanted something a bit darker and cooler. Purple was the obvious choice.

After selecting purple as his primary color, we decided to go with an off white and black color scheme for the rest of the site. The website showcases many photos and backgrounds, so by keeping one primary color and the other colors neutral, we are making sure that the site doesn’t feel too busy or distracting.

4. Fonts

We wanted to give Jake’s site somewhat of a gritty vibe and that guided our font choices.

Fredericka The Great was used as our attention-grabbing primary font. This font is very distinct and was definitley a bold choice for us to pick as our primary. Jake had mentioned to us that he was looking for a more personal feeling to the site. With the personal feeling in mind, as well as the grit we felt from the lettering, our final choice was Fredericka.

Covered by Your Grace was the second font we used. It has a loose handwritten style and that gives the website a more personal feeling as though Jake is handwriting the content on the site himself

5. Style and Visuals

Working with an artist is always a pleasure as we are able to have a bit more creative freedom than usual. We also appreciate gaining the input from another creative person. 

Here’s what Jake had to say about our collaboration with the goal to create the right vibe and visuals for the website: “I wanted it to feel cohesive and sleek, sort of gritty and indie, too. You guys did exactly that, and added more of a vibe even beyond that. GRW helped create a visual landscape that I couldn’t have ever visualized myself. You guys saw my vision as I described it, and took it 1 step further. Love it.”

6. Website Structure

Jake’s website consists of 6 pages.

  1. Home – To give an overview about Jake Beauprez, what he does, and what you will find on his website.
  2. Music – To direct users to stream Jake’s music and to give them some background information on his songs
  3. Videos – To drive users to Jake’s YouTube channel where he makes creative videos on pressing issues in the world right now.
  4. Live – To allow Jake to post listings for his live performances, so that users know when and where Jake is performing.
  5. Thoughts – A blog format page where Jake is able to share his thoughts on music, current events, philosophy, etc.
  6. Contact – A page that users can contact Jake with, as well as find his various social media accounts.

Jake's Final Word

“It was super easy to work with GRW. They walked me through all of the steps, were attentive to my vision, and took careful notes. I was sure that they’d make sure it fit the vibe I was going for, and they certainly followed through.”