Website Redesign for
Bear Gear

What our client had to say

The collaboration with GRW Media was easy, smooth, and seamless.
Risto Kallinen

1. Project Overview

Our mission was clear: create a website that showcased the Bear Gear brand in its best light. We aimed for the website to act as an online business card for Bear Gear, drawing visitors into the world of rock climbing equipment. Furthermore, we sought to build effective funnels to capture user contact information and crafted a unique photo gallery to truly represent the Bear Gear brand.

2. Roles

Our talented team played crucial roles in the project's success. Amos spearheaded communication with the client, skillfully crafted content for the website, and assisted in website layout planning. 

Harrison, with his eye for design, was instrumental in shaping the website's visual identity. Additionally, he contributed to the project by ensuring that the website layout was optimized for the best possible user experience.

3. Challenges and Objectives



The challenges that we faced included the task of selecting fonts that would aptly represent the Bear Gear brand. Our solution came from a process of experimentation, ultimately leading us to “Oxanium” and “Roboto,” fonts that exuded modernity and tactical flair. Another challenge was creating an engaging gallery to showcase Bear Gear’s equipment in action. We took this challenge head-on, ensuring that the gallery not only delighted the eyes but also narrated tales of adventure and durability.

4. Planning and Execution

We embarked on the project by meticulously designing the website architecture. Our planning included careful consideration of the website layout and user flow. Next, we focused on branding, making the website visually appealing, and added all necessary content, including striking images and compelling copywriting.

The culmination of our efforts was a fully functioning website that beautifully represented the Bear Gear brand. Bear Gear now possesses a powerful online tool to showcase their products and services. The website not only meets the set objectives but also stands as a testament to the power of collaborative effort, creativity, and meticulous planning in web design.

5. Conclusion

This web design project was more than just a professional endeavor; it was a journey of creativity, collaboration, and problem-solving. It reinforced the idea that challenges are merely opportunities for growth and learning. As we reflect on this project, we take pride in delivering a website that not only serves its objectives but also sets a new standard for visually appealing and engaging online platforms. The experience has enriched us with valuable lessons and a profound sense of accomplishment, fueling our enthusiasm for future projects that push the boundaries of web design.

In conclusion, the Bear Gear web design project was a true testament to the transformative power of digital media. It’s a story of how creativity, skill, and teamwork can create an online presence that not only represents a brand but also invites users into an engaging world of rock climbing adventure. We look forward to more projects that allow us to continue crafting unique digital experiences for our clients and their audiences.

5. Website Structure

Bear Gear’s website consists of 6 pages.

  1. Home – To give basic information about the company and drive users to take action.
  2. Gallery – To showcase Bear Gear’s climbing equipment to users.
  3. About Us – To give users an idea of what Bear Gear is and what they stand for.
  4. Clients – To show users which outlets Bear Gear supplies.
  5. Blog – To keep interested people up to date on events and new information on Bear Gear.
  6. Contact – To allow users to get in touch with Bear Gear.