A New Website:
Kodin Majava

1. Context

“Kodin Majava” is a property maintenance company located in Uusimaa, Finland. The core principles of Kodin Majava are “Diligence and Impeccable Results.” Kodin Majava was founded while the founder and CEO of the company, Joonatan, was completing his military service.

He had an extended break due to the COVID-19 outbreak and decided to make use of his time. He went door to door offering help with property maintenance. After some time, word got out of his excellent work and the business began to grow. Since returning home from the army, Joonatan has further developed the business. This is truly an inspiring story and this made us want to work with him even more.


2. Goals

Kodin Majava needed a website that portrayed the company in the best possible way. The objectives of this project were:

  • To create a website that showcases the Kodin Majava brand at its best
  • To establish a new platform for customers to get in touch
  • To present Kodin Majava’s previous projects

3. Colors




Going into the project, Kodin Majava already had a prominent logo, featuring the business name and its iconic beaver. His logo is a gold color, so we knew that we wanted to incorporate that color into the website as it has brand significance.

As a rule of thumb we don’t typically like to use more than 1-2 vibrant colors when creating websites. Because of this, we decided to keep gold as our singular “popping” color and opted to use white and black for the rest of the site.

4. Fonts

Kodin Majava’s strong brand identity is further exemplified by its unique custom font. This modern and almost futuristic font not only reinforces their modern image but also resonates with users and prospective clients, conveying the company’s alignment with current trends and innovations.

The typography chosen for Kodin Majava speaks volumes about their presence in the construction industry. The sharp, well-spaced letters not only mirror the precision associated with the field but also contribute to a cohesive brand identity. Although we had no involvement in creating the font, the process of incorporating this font on the website was a pleasure.

Additionally, Kodin Majava utilizes Work Sans as a secondary font. This choice, while straightforward, is both modern and exceptionally legible, making it a great option for conveying lengthy bodies of text.

5. Style and Visuals

The goal with Kodin Majava was to create a simple and modern website that showcases some of their work as well as providing users with information to find them, contact them, etc.

5. Website Structure

Kodin Majava is a simple website. It consists of 2 pages

  1. Home – This is the main part of the website. It introduces visitors to the brand and gives them information of Kodin Majava’s various services.
  2. Contact – This page allows visitors to get in touch with Kodin Majava.

Joonaton's Final Word

“It was super easy to work with GRW. They walked me through all of the steps, were attentive to my vision, and took careful notes. I was sure that they’d make sure it fit the vibe I was going for, and they certainly followed through.”