1. Context

Hey there! This is Harrison. I wanted to include this personal project of mine as a case study because I think it is a very beautiful website and it can give a view into what a website could look like for someone with a creative business like a photographer, filmmaker, travel blogger, etc.

2. Goals

 I had a few goals for my website, they are as follows:

  • The biggest reason for creating this site was that I wanted to share my travels and photography with the world. I also wanted to get away from social media.
  • I wanted to create a blog that I could share stories on.
  • I wanted a contact page so that visitors could get in touch with me.

3. Colors



 The photos do most of the storytelling on this website, because of this, I did not want to distract from the photos by using intense colors. This is why I ultimately chose absolute white and black.

4. Fonts

I wanted my fonts to feel modern and sleek yet retain a sense of character.

My primary font is Ubuntu. It is a sans serif font that has curves to it. The curves add a bit more character to an otherwise simple sans serif font. For some reason it also gives me a sense of adventure and at the end of the day that’s exactly what this website is about.

My secondary font is work sans. It’s a pretty basic font but it looks sleek and is very legible.

5. Style and Visuals

I made the focus of this website the photos. I also centered the homepage around the portfolio and my travels, giving visitors a preview of what my work looks like.

6. Website Structure

harrisonfitts.com consists of 4 main pages as well as the various portfolio pages:

  1. Home – To introduce visitors to my website and my travels
  2. Gallery – To showcase my work and travels
  3. Blog – To share stories or thoughts on various topics
  4. Contact – To allow users to contact me

Harrison's Final Word

“It was super easy to work with GRW. They walked me through all of the steps, were attentive to my vision, and took careful notes. I was sure that they’d make sure it fit the vibe I was going for, and they certainly followed through.”