Dental Surgeons Ltd.

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Dental Surgeons Ltd.

1. Context

Dental Surgeons Ltd is the practice of Dr. Gregory Cygan DDS. He is located in Wheaton, Illinois, a part of the Chicagoland area. We originally started working with Dr. Cygan on his SEO performance but our work led to a full website redesign.

2. Goals

After talking with Dr. Cygan we noted some of the most prominent goals for the website:

  • Make the website more aesthetically pleasing
  • Make the website match Dental Surgeons Ltd’s current brand identity
  • Improve function and user experience in various parts of the website
  • Improve the CTA’s to encourage users to interact with the website
  • Improve on page SEO

3. Colors




The logo for Dental Surgeons Ltd already utilizes a light blue. We decided to take the blue theme further and incorporate a darker blue as well as a white. The color scheme is quite simple but the colors fit together seamlessly and add a welcoming atmosphere to the website. Blue is also a common color to the medical industry so it was a great fit.

4. Fonts

We chose to make the entire website with just one font, that font being Jost. Jost is a simple yet elegant font and we believe it fits the atmosphere of Dr. Cygan’s website perfectly.

5. Style and Visuals

When it comes to the style and visuals of the website, think modern, professional and relaxed. We painted the virtual canvas with a combo of cool blues and whites, keeping it fresh and easy on the eyes. We also snagged some modern and inviting photos from Dr. Cygan to add some personality. As for the icons, they match perfectly with the dental/medical theme. Our goal was to make this online space not just visually appealing, but also comfortable and relaxed. When it comes to a dentist’s practice, a laid-back feel is key for keeping patient feelings positive.

6. Website Structure consists of 6 main pages and the various service pages

  1. Home – To introduce Dr. Cygan and his practice.
  2. Services – To inform visitors of the many services offered at Dental Surgeons Ltd and relevant information.
  3. About us – Get to know Dr. Cygan more and the values of Dental Surgeons Ltd.
  4. Referrals – Give referred patients an idea about how their procedure will go as well as give access to the referral form.
  5. Insurance – Instruct visitors on insurance and how Dental Surgeons Ltd can help them with various options.
  6. Contact us – To get in touch with Dental Surgeons Ltd.

Jake's Final Word

“It was super easy to work with GRW. They walked me through all of the steps, were attentive to my vision, and took careful notes. I was sure that they’d make sure it fit the vibe I was going for, and they certainly followed through.”